dule 29:30 Physics IV Syllabus

29:30 Physics IV Syllabus

Spring Semester 2003

Instructor: Prof. Yannick Meurice


Course Content

The course has two parts. The first part in an introduction to quantum mechanics. The second part consists in various applications of quantum mechanics in atomic, molecular, solid state and nuclear physics and a brief introduction to recent developments in particle physics and cosmology.


The main textbook is Physics v.2 by Halliday, Resnick and Krane. In addition I will use "An Introduction to Quantum Physics" by A. French and E. Taylor for the quantum mechanics part and "The Big Bang" by J. Silk for the second part. All these books are on reserve in the physics library.


A reading assignment and/or a homework will be given each week (usually on Wednesday). Students are encouraged to discuss the questions among themselves, however the homework should reflect accurately the individual understandings of the questions. Homeworks will be posted at http://www-hep.physics.uiowa.edu/~meurice/phy403/homeworks.html

Lab and TA

The lab is designed to provide a hands-on experience of some concepts or calculations discussed during the class. Additional information concerning the Lab and the TA will be provided separately. There is no Lab during the first week of class. See schedule of topics for the rest of the semester.

Drop/Add forms

Drop/Add forms for the lectures and the lab are handled by the main office (VAN 203) only.

Examinations and Final Grade

There will be two in-class exams during the semester and one final exam during the exam week. See schedule for approximate dates (exams will follow the reviews). The final grade will be calculated in the following way: 20 points for the homeworks, 40 points for the in-class exams and 30 points for the final exam. The lab grade will be counted for 10 points.

Class Attendance

Attendance at lectures is highly recommended but not required. You are strongly encouraged to ask questions during the lectures. There are no ``stupid questions''.

Complaint Procedures

You should feel free to express any dissatisfaction regarding the course to me. ``Academic Misconduct'' and ``Student Complaints Concerning Faculty Actions'' procedures are available for your review in the Schedule of Courses. The Department Chairman, Prof. T. Boggess, can be contacted through the Main Office 203 VAN. As stated in the procedures noted above, complaints or comments regarding TAs should first be directed to the instructor.

Students with Disabilities

Any student who has a disability which may require some modification of seating, testing or other class requirements should see me after the class or at a more convenient time so that appropriate arrangements can be made.