Department of Physics & Astronomy
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa 52242
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Ph.D. (physics), Stanford University (with F. Gilman and S. Dimopoulos), 1985.

B.A. (physics), Reed College, 1980.


Professor, 2002-present, University of Iowa.

Chair, 2009-2014, University of Iowa.

Associate Chair, 2006-2009, University of Iowa.

Associate Professor, 1995-2002, University of Iowa.

Assistant Professor, 1990-1995, University of Iowa.

Visiting Professor, 1988-1990, Centro de Investigacion y Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politecnico National (Mexico City).

Postdoctoral Research Associate, 1985-1988, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.


Co-investigator, 2002-present, DOE, "Theoretical investigations in neutrino physics."

Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2010.

Principal investigator, 2004-2006, NSF, "REU Site: Undergraduate research in physics and astronomy at the University of Iowa."

Faculty Scholar, 2003-2006, University of Iowa.

Dean's Scholar, 1999-2001, University of Iowa College of Liberal Arts.

Principal investigator, 1998-2002, NSF, "Theoretical Calculations for High Energy Particles in the Atmosphere and in Underground and Accelerator Experiments."

Recipient, 1997, CIFRE Award (University of Iowa), "Muons and Neutrinos from Atmospheric Charmed Particle Production."

Principal investigator, 1995-1998, NSF, "Theoretical Calculations of Standard Model Phenomenology."

Principal investigator, 1993-1995, NSF, "QCD Corrections to Drell-Yan and Lepton-Nucleon Scattering."

Principal investigator, 1991-1993, NSF, "QCD Corrections to Observables in W and W+gamma Production."

Recipient, 1991, Old Gold Summer Fellowship (University of Iowa), "An Assessment of the Feasibility of a Measurement of the W Magnetic Moment at the Tevatron."