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Physics I
029:027. Fall 2005, 4 s.h.
Mary Hall Reno

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70 VAN
Mary Hall Reno
Instructor Information

 Mary Hall Reno


  • Location:515 VAN
    Hours: Tuesdays 2-4 Wednesdays 2:30-3:30
    Phone: +1 319 335 1920


  • Physics & Astronomy
     University of Iowa
  •  203 VAN
     M-F 8-12,1-5
     +1 319 335 1686
Course Information

Prerequisites: majors or special permission for enrollment

Corequisites: 22M:025 or 22M:035 or 22M:045

Course Format:
 The course meets three times weekly for lectures, once per week for a discussion/problem solving session (12:30-1:20, 301 VAN) and once per week for a laboratory session.

Grade Composition: The grade is comprised of homework scores (30%), laboratory reports (25%), 2 midterms and a final exam (each 15%).

  • Homework is due on Fridays. Late homework is highly discouraged. Homework solutions will be posted via the Electronic Reserves on the Physics Library link.
  • The midterm exams are scheduled during class times (see calendar: September 27 and November 3). The final exam is on Tuesday, December 12, 2005 at 12:00 Noon.
  • The laboratory reports are graded by the TAs. We will also have a grader for the homeworks.

Course Policies

Course Description
 Course Fee: $ 25.00 The emphasis in this course is on the rigorous structure of classical physics and the development of the ability to solve problems. Topics include Newtonian mechanics for point particles and rigid bodies, and conservation laws. This course is part of a four-semester sequence (029:027-028-029-030) intended primarily for physics and astronomy majors. The three weekly lectures and discussion section are given by a professor, and the weekly lab is conducted by a TA. The instructor is Prof. Mary Hall Reno.

Goals and Objectives
 Physics I is the first semester of a four semester course sequence introducing all of physics to departmental majors. In the junior and senior years, students take separate courses for each of the topics introduced in the first two years.

About half of the students in Physics I will already have some exposure to calculus in high school, while the other half will take Calculus I concurrently. Required calculus will be developed in the physics class as part of the lecture so that students new to calculus have the required mathematical tools.

Students will develop an understanding of Newtonian mechanics, using the tools of calculus. Problem solving will be emphasised, with a clear exposition of the student's work one of the goals.

Assigned Readings

  • Required text: University Physics with Modern Physics by Young and Freedman, 11th edition with student manual.
  • Lab manual: Experiments in Mechanics, Wave Motion and Heat (available at the University book store)

 Amount of work to be expected: The college guideline is that one semester hour of credit is the equivalent of approximately three hours of work (class time plus out of class preparation) each week over the course of a whole semester. This standard is the basis on which the Registrar's Office assigns hours of University credit for courses.

Course Policies [top]

Make-up Exams
Accomodation of Students with Disabilities

Policy on Make-up Exams
 If you are unable to attend an exam for a legitimate reason, I should be notified in advance of the exam time in order for a make-up exam to be offered.

Attendance Policy
 Attendance is not required for the lecture or discussion section, but it is recommended. Attendance is required for the laboratory, although it is this professor's policy that one lab score will be dropped from the final total (the lowest score). This is partly to avoid make-up laboratories.

Plagiarism Policy

Complaint Policy

Policy on Accomodation of Students with Disabilities
 I would like to hear from anyone who has a disability which may require some modification of seating, testing, or other class requirements so that appropriate arrangements may be made. Please talk with me after class or during my office hours. Students with diabilities should also contact the Office of Student Disabilities Services (335-1462).

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