Physics III
029:029. Fall 2002, 0 s.h.
Mary Hall Reno

Sections covered by this syllabus

Type Sec. # Time & Location Instructor
Sec AAA 12:30-01:20
70 VAN
Mary Hall Reno
Course Description
Course fee: $20

This course is a continuation of 029:027 and 029:028. Topics include waves, optics and thermodynamics. The instructor is Reno.

Prerequisites: 029:018 or 029:028

Course Timeline

Week   Day   Topic   Event
Week 1 : Mon, 08/26 : No Lab : No labs during the first week of classes
Week 2 : Mon, 09/02 : holiday : Labor Day
    Wed, 09/04 : No Lab : No labs this week
Week 3 : Mon, 09/09 : Exp. W2 : Standing waves and vibrating string
Week 4 : Mon, 09/16 : Exp. W3 : Frequency analysis
Week 5 : Mon, 09/23 : Exp. W1 : Speed of sound
Week 6 : Mon, 09/30 : : Review for First Exam
    Fri, 10/04 : Class : Exam 1
Week 7 : Mon, 10/07 : Exp. OP1 : Refraction of light
Week 8 : Mon, 10/14 : Exp. OP3 : Thin spherical lenses
Week 9 : Mon, 10/21 : Exp. OP4 : Telescopes
Week 10 : Mon, 10/28 : Exp. OP2 : Prism spectrometer
Week 11 : Mon, 11/04 : : Review for second exam
    Fri, 11/08 : Class : Exam 2 CHANGED TO 11/11
Week 12 : Mon, 11/11 : Exp. H2 : Mechanical equivalent of heat MONDAY EXAM II
Week 13 : Mon, 11/18 : Exp. H1 : Determination of absolute zero
Week 14 : Mon, 11/25 : No Lab : No labs this week
    Wed, 11/27 : holiday : Thanksgiving break
    Thu, 11/28 : holiday : Thanksgiving
    Fri, 11/29 : holiday : Thanksgiving break
Week 15 : Mon, 12/02 : Exp. H4 : Heat engine
Week 16 : Mon, 12/09 : : Review for final exam
Week 17 : Thu, 12/19 : Exam : Final Exam 12 NOON

Assigned Readings
Required Textbook: Halliday, Resnick and Krane, Physics, Fifth Edition, Volumes 1 and 2 and the Physics III Laboratory Manual (available in the IMU bookstore).

Instructor Information

Mary Hall Reno


  • Location: 515 VAN
    Hours: Monday 1-3 Wednesday 10-12
    Phone: +1 319 335 1920


  • Physics & Astronomy
    University of Iowa
  • Location: 203 VAN
    Hours: M-F 8-5
    Phone: +1 319 335 1686
Course Information

Goals and Objectives

  • Students will have an understanding of mechanical and electromagnetic waves, including geometrical and physical optics. Students will develop their mathematical toolbox with Fourier analysis and Dirac delta functions..

Grade Composition

  • Grading will be based on homework (20%), laboratories (20%), midterm exams (20%) and the final exam (20%). Plus/minus grading will be used..
Course Policies

Evaluation of Student Performance/Course Requirements

Make-up Exams



Accomodation of Students with Disabilities

Course Policies

Evaluation of Student Performance/Course Requirements
Exams: there will be two 50 minute in-class exams and one two-hour final exam. The final exam is scheduled for 12 Noon on Thursday, December 19. The final exam will be comprehensive, but it will emphasize material in the last third of the course.

Homework: Homework will be assigned and collected on Wednesdays. Late homework is highly discouraged. Collaboration with your classmates is encouraged, but the work you hand in should be your own.

Laboratories: Labs do not meet the first week of class. No food or drinks are permitted in the labs. Eight of the ten labs will count in the final grade, so no make-up laboratories will be offered.

Policy on Make-up Exams
Make-up exams will be scheduled for students who miss an exam due to illness, religious obligations or other unavoidable circumstances or University activity. The student is advised to contact the professor before the exam is held. Only in exceptional cases will a make-up exam be arranged without prior notification.

Attendance Policy
Attendance is not required, but highly recommended.

Complaint Policy
If you feel that I have treated you unfairly or acted unprofessionally or otherwise failed to meet my responsibilities as an instructor, please bring the matter to my attention so that we can work together to resolve the problem. If you remain unsatisfied you may contact the chair of my department, Professor Thomas Boggess (335-1689). If your concerns have still not been resolved at that point, you may submit a written complaint to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs, 120 Schaeffer Hall (335-2633) (for undergraduates), the Graduate College, 205 Gilmore Hall, 335-2137 (for graduate students).

Policy on Accomodation of Students with Disabilities
I would like to hear from anyone who has a disability which may require some modification of seating, testing, or other class requirements so that appropriate arrangements may be made. Please talk with me after class or during my office hours.

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