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A derivation of the Killing Equations. Nuclear and Particle Theory

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Research on topics in:

Hadronic Physics Klink, Meurice, Payne, Polyzou, Reno, Rodgers
  • role of quarks in nucleons and nuclei
  • few nucleon and few quark systems
  • dynamics of few-nucleon systems
  • reactions and structure of few nucleon systems
  • lattice gauge theory and numerical simulations
  • strong coupling expansions and large-N approximations
  • numerical and symbolic solutions to problems in QCD
  • perturbative QCD corrections to particle interactions
  • electron-nucleus, proton-antiproton and proton-proton scattering
Electroweak Physics Meurice, Reno, Rodgers
  • phenomenology of neutrino interactions for laboratory and cosmic neutrino beams
  • supersymmetry and the hierarchy problem
Gravitational Physics Klink, Rodgers
  • superstrings and supergravity
  • quantum gravity
  • cosmology
Field Theory Meurice, Polyzou, Rodgers
  • renormalization group method
  • 2-dimensional field theories of gravitation
  • higher dimensional field theories of gravity and string theory
  • Euclidean field theory
Mathematical Physics Klink, Meurice, Polyzou, Rodgers
  • symmetries and group representations in quantum mechanics
  • scattering theory
  • relativistic quantum mechanics and quantum field theory
  • mathematical problems in Euclidean field theory
  • large field contributions to path integrals
  • renormalization group flows
  • infinite dimensional Lie algebras in string theories
  • symbolic manipulation and numerical programing for problems in geometry
  • coadjoint representations in physical theories
  • diffeomorphisms and geometry
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W.Klink 304 VAN 5-1757 william-klink [web] [pubs] [photo]
Y.Meurice 514 VAN 5-1991 yannick-meurice [web] [pubs] [photo]
G. Payne 305 VAN 5-1854 gerald-payne [web] [pubs] [photo]
W. Polyzou 306 VAN 5-1856 polyzou [web] [pubs] [photo]
M.H.Reno 515 VAN 5-1920 mary-hall-reno [web] [pubs] [photo]
V. Rodgers 513 VAN 5-1219 vincent-rodgers [web] [pubs] [photo]

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