29::196 Computational Physics: Assignments

GN: N. Giordano and H. Nakanishi, Computational Physics,  second edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006
DY: D. Yang, C++ and Object Oriented Numeric Computing,  Springer, 2001
ZO: R. Zimmerman and F. Olness, Mathematica for Physics, Springer,  Second Edition 2001.
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Getting started with Mathematica
Simple Dynamical Systems
Getting started with C++
4 Hamiltonian Mechanics
5 More ODE
6 Putting things together
7 Modular programming, graphics and random numbers
8 Midterm presentations
9 Testing random number generators
10 Electrostatics
11 More c++; Ising model
12 Rebuilding a cluster (with Alan) ; MC: Lecture moved to Friday 4/17 at 3:30PM; proposals due 4/17; additional material.
13 Phase transitions; HW7 due 4/23; Codes for presentations due 4/28; Share material with class
14 Presentations 4/30
15 Presentations   5/6